Before you head off into your adventure, it is crucial to know the genealogy and functions of different Maru. Marus are generally divided into two types - Generational Marus, and Generic Marus.

Generational Maru

Generational Maru are Maru that are directly related to the first Gen 0 Marus. These Maru experience an additional boost when going on Idle Adventures, and typically get stronger quicker than Generic Marus. Generational Maru also are the only types of Maru that can be split.

To ensure that they are truly unique, each Generation of Marus are limited to specific number. Generation 0 Marus are limited to 14,000. A specific number will be released at a later date for Generation 1 Marus.

Idle Adventure

Based on their evolutionary stage, Generational Marus will receive a percentage boost in idle rewards (rounded down). Their individual attributes will also add to this compounded boost, with INT and DEX (in most cases) being the most effective attributes in Idle Adventure.

Player vs Player

The Maruopian Coliseum is where Marus can test their mettle. STR, DEX, and VIT are the most effective attributes in PVP, determining the Maru's damage, speed/mastery, and health respectively. Equipping and burning customisables can grant unique skills that can be triggered on a percentage basis depending on your Maru's INT attribue.


Generational Maru:

  • Can be sold in the Maru Marketplace

  • Can evolve beyond a fixed evolution line

  • Evolution gives additional attribute benefits

  • Get greater benefits in Idle Adventure

  • Attributes increase rewards in Idle Adventure

  • Can be Split

  • Increases daily Basic Food consumption after every evolution

  • Chance for Legendary

  • No attribute cap

  • Can put on Customisables

Generic Maru

Generic Maru are Limited Maru that are released as part of an event, as part of a starter pack, or even as an airdrop. Generic Maru are easy to obtain, collectible, and in many cases are helpful in a pinch. However, such Maru have very limited potential in Idle Adventure, in most cases only receiving a fraction of the benefits that Generational Maru can get. There is a 1/5,000 chance that any Generic Maru will be Shiny.

Idle Adventure

Regardless of attributes or evolution stage, Generic Marus will not be able to receive bonuses in Idle Adventure. Instead, they will only receive fixed rewards based on the length of the adventure.

Player vs Player

Generic Maru will receive all benefits of their stats when in PVP.


Generic Maru:

  • Can be sold in the Maru Marketplace

  • Can evolve only in accordance with its evolution line

  • Evolution does not give attribute benefits

  • Attributes do not add benefits in Idle Adventure

  • Chance for Shiny

  • Basic Food consumption limited to 5 a day

  • No bonuses in Idle Adventure

  • No attribute cap

  • Cannot put on customisables (unless stated otherwise)

More on Maru


Upon acquiring enough attributes, both Generational and Generic Maru will be able to evolve at the Altar. Evolution costs may differ depending on the Maru's stage. You will be able to see the required items for evolution at the Altar is your Maru is eligible.

Basic Foods

Depending on their stage of evolution, Marus will be able to consume a different quantity of Basic Foods a day. Baby stage and Juvenile stage Marus can consume 5 Basic Foods a day. Rookie stages can however, consume 10. All stats gained will be preserved upon evolution. Generic Marus, regardless of evolution stage, will only be able to consume 5 Basic Foods a day.


All Maru, generic or generational, first start out as Eggs with incubation time. This incubation time can vary based on the type of Egg.

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