A hidden history for you to discover.

Idle Adventure

Maruland is an unexplored planet found in the deepest reaches of space. As the first adventurers, through your exploration, you will discover ruins, resources, wardrobes, and gain a glimpse of the history of this verdant planet.

Discover new locations and send your Marus on solo or group trips to collect resources. Upon returning, all resources collected in your explorations will first be stored in the Expedition Guild's treasury.


During your adventures, you can find Marks. These Marks, when fully collected, will provide permanent boosts to your adventures. Finishing a Mark collection will also grant you a Discord role.

Active Play


Join your Maru as they test their skills against other Marus in the Maruopian Colisseum. Each win will give you rewards, and leaderboard winners will win $Maru at the end of every season.

Bargain Hunting

The Guild Shop and the MSC Shop are filled with food, customisables, and resources that you can pay for with your currency. Stocking at random times during the day, you can always pop in to vie with other players a chance to buy NFTs that can be re-sold in the marketplace.

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