About Maruland

Our story begins in a little planet far, far away.
Maruland is an idle Play-to-Own adventure game. Featuring a metaverse of endless possibilities, the game features unique pets and a dynamic evolution system that is inspired by the likes of Digimon, Pokemon, and Neopets. Players can explore, forage, and collect useful items that will help them in their journey. From idle gameplay to active playing, there is something for everyone in Maruland.
Set in the distant future of space exploration, Maruland is a newly discovered planet filled with fun-loving and adventurous critters known as Maru. Ever eager to welcome new friends, the native Maru were pleasantly surprised when the first inter-space travellers landed on the Sunny Plains.
Yet beyond that sunny disposition, the Guild Archaelogists could tell that there was more than meets the eye. Blooming with beautiful greenery and filled with wonderous sights and sounds, it was not difficult to see that Maruland was a planet filled with secrets.
Much of the green planet remains unknown, even to its long-time residents. From intricate carvings on ruined pillars to dark caverns rumored to store vast fortunes, the enigmatic history of Maruland can be found everywhere - from the viridian plains just outside of Maruopia, to even the azure sea that surrounds the island of Lon. With you, their trusty adventurer friend, your Marus will navigate, explore and scout out useful resources to find out the mystery behind the existence of the Maru.
From Idle to Active play, each Maru’s special nature also gives them different benefits, creating a truly unique experience when interacting with your Maru.
Key Features
  • First-of-its-kind evolution system
  • Guaranteed one-of-a-kind Marus
  • Unlimited Customisation
  • Bright, cheerful graphics
  • Community-based lore
  • Idle gameplay
More than just a fun way to pass your time, Maruland rewards its players for their contributions to the game. Never again are your efforts hardlocked into merely code - the resources you find will not only benefit you, but can be traded to benefit others as well.

Maruland players earn by:

  • Collecting MSC (Maruian Silver Coin), Customisables, and Food Resources in Idle Adventures
  • Cooking, and mixing Food Resources into delicacies for other pets
  • Winning PVP battles against other Marus
  • Staking their $Maru in the Guild Treasury
  • Splitting their Marus
  • And many more...!