Customisables are NFTs that can be found, cooked, or bought in the marketplace. Equipping a Customisable from your inventory burns the NFT. Conversely, unequipping a Customisable does not refund the player with an NFT, so be sure to equip wisely.


Each Maru can be equipped with 5 different Customisables, assuming they are in different slots. Customisables can be equipped on a Maru's background, head, hand, body, and feet. Equipping a new Customisable on an existing slot will overwrite that slot.

PVP Skills

Some Customisables grant PVP Skills upon equipping. Note that these Skills will be removed if they are unequipped. You will be able to see the PVP skill that the Customisable grants from your inventory.

Attribute Bonuses

When equipping a Customisable, they grant a random attribute bonus to each attribute while equipped. Each Customisable grants a different max attribute, so be sure to do your due diligence before equipping.

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