$Maru is the governance token of Maruland. Staking this token allows you to gain votes in the Maruland DAO. Given $Maru's importance in the Maruland economy, the list below will be non-exhaustive. Utility of the token:

  • Purchasing Customisables, Foods, and Generational Marus in the Guild Shop

  • Splitting Marus

  • Staking, for APR rewards

  • Staking, for loans

  • Staking, for VIP level

  • Premium Gacha

  • Premium Kitchen

  • Purchasing Monthly Passes

A total of 200 million $Maru will be issued progressively (see schedule). This total supply is expected to dwindle to 100 million $Maru over a period of 5 years.

In order to keep Maru deflationary, all $Maru spent in the Guild Shop and in the Premium Gacha will be burnt. $Maru costs from Premium Gacha and Guild Shop will also taper down accordingly when this happens.

$Maru spent on splitting Marus, Monthly Passes and in the Premium Kitchen will be recycled and offered as liquidity or as Community Building rewards.

Maruland Treasury

From sales arising from $Maru, the Maruland team will keep a determinate sum of money to back $Maru.

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