Game Structure

Setting Up, Composition, and Understanding Maru


When born, Marus are blob-like, almost magical creatures that have no discernible attributes. A true representation of a marriage between nature and nurture, Marus adapt to the environment and care that they receive, making their growth with their fellow adventurer a truly unique process.

The first adventurers of Maruland will soon find a total of 14,000 unique first-generation Maru available for sale on These Marus are capable of evolving when acquiring enough attributes, and are all profoundly unique - no one Maru is quite the same as same as another.

Aside from evolution which drastically changes the shape and form of their Maru, adventurers can also use limited Customisables NFTs to modify their Maru's clothing, backgrounds, and even powers. This results in a truly unique NFT that players can call their own.


In your adventures, you will find food that you can use to feed your Maru. These will grant them increases in attributes, and you can even combine food to boost rewards. You are what you eat, so choose what you feed your Maru carefully! Marus in their different stages of evolution can consume different amounts of Basic Food per day.

Basic Food are tokens that can be traded on the Maru DEX, while Special Foods are unique NFTs that can be burned for a variety of benefits or sold on the marketplace.

Splitting Your Maru

Marus have no discernible way to breed. How Marus reproduce is through the means of "splitting". In the presence of Magical Tablets and a predetermined amount of MSC, adventurers can split their Generational Maru in Maruopia, creating a new egg that they can hatch to create a Maru.

Because of the complexity and magic involved in splitting, new Marus often don't look like their original counterpart.

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