Creating value within the economy.

Maruland's ecosystem will comprise of the game, NFT Marketplace, NFT assets on Polygon, OpenSea NFT marketplace, Staking, Maru DEX, and exchanges for liquidity.

Open Economy

Starter Pack

When starting the game, players will be able to, at a nominal fee, purchase a starter pack complete with a Generic Maru. Like other Marus, this can be sold at the NFT marketplace, but Generic Marus have limited growth potential and capabilities.

Low Barrier to Entry

Maruland is committed to ensuring that everyone can join in the Great Maruland Adventure. Generic Marus will be fun, cheap, and available for all players. A fuller experience can be gained from Generational Marus, who are stronger and have more growth options.

Open Market

From $Maru, MSC, to the Basic Foods, the value of Maruland's tokens will entirely determined by supply and demand in the open market.

Usage of $Maru

$Maru is Maruland's governance token. When $Maru is used in a transaction, depending on the type of transaction, it will either be recycled back into the ecosystem, or burnt. The latter creates a deflationary cycle to ensure that the value of $Maru can be preserved.


Aside from getting $Maru rewards, stakers of $Maru will form a DAO, and will be able to vote for future features, adjustments, and direction. Staking yield will be decided by the Maruland Development team. As the game matures, this, together with other aspects of the game, will be handed over to the DAO for voting.

Players that stake $Maru will also be able to qualify for loans. More on loans below.


Players that have $Maru staked can enjoy their staked rewards while using staked $Maru as collateral to lend more $Maru. Successful repayment will result in increased APR for your staked collateral.


Players will be able to rent Marus from other players through the use of $Maru. This ensures a dynamic ecosystem where there will always be utility for Maru. Owners of Rented Marus will still be able to feed them, but will not be able use them to engage in Idle Adventures or PVP.

Blockchain Technology

$Maru, MSC and Basic Food are standard tokens based on the ERC20 and BEP20 protocol solely on the Polygon (MATIC) network for its low gas fees and quick transaction speeds, an ideal environment for gaming.

Special Food, Customisables and Marus will be released as NFT assets based on the ERC721 protocol.

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